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Helping You Keep The Focus

Zoom Sourcing provides a wide array of staffing services; clients can outsource an entire service or function; or request recruitment of key management and professional personnel. Zoom Sourcing is a North Carolina licensed staffing agency. In addition to our staffing and recruitment options, we are also happy to offer hassle-free payroll and tax services to our clients.



  • To identify and provide the most qualified and exceptional staff for our clients.

  • To be sensitive to changing needs and personnel structures.

  • To design customized responses to an organization’s unique staffing needs.


Zoom Sourcing strives to exceed our client's expectations.

We want to make it easy for you!


Whether you’re looking for a new career or you are in need of staff and/or payroll solutions, we invite you to browse through our website and learn more about Zoom Sourcing!

“Zoom Sourcing is extremely knowledgeable of rules/regulations in NC related to all staff.” 


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