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Is there a minimum amount of time required for a staffing contract?

  • No, the contract is usually established for one year and is renewable but there is no minimum requirement for staffing.

Can I hire the individual if I am pleased with their work?

  • It is important to identify at the signing of the contract whether this is a temp to hire agreement, recruitment agreement, or a staffing agreement. Zoom Staff cannot accept employment with a client unless a “buy out” of the contract is made for staffing services.

What type of screening is done on staffing employees?

  • All staffing employees are employees of Zoom and have taxes and Social Security withheld from their payroll. For employment, Zoom will conduct a drug screen; a criminal background check; a state and national sex offender check; OIG check; and employment eligibility verification (E-Verify) in addition to personal and work-related reference checks.

How long before staff can be placed?

  • Unlike temporary agencies, Zoom determines the type of staff required by our client for a particular position before recruiting. Zoom works to identify possible candidates for staffing within the shortest time frame.

How are fees determined?

  • The contract will identify fees that are determined based upon competitive rates within a geographical area and requirements of the position.




Can you guarantee that a suitable candidate will be located?

  • Zoom will perform an extensive search to locate a suitable candidate for every client request.

What is the term of the contract?

  • The length of the contract is 120 days and can be renewed.

What guarantee does the client have after a candidate has accepted the position?

  • Zoom will refund a pro rata portion of the fee if the candidate should vacate employment during the first 90 days. Zoom will also continue to search for a replacement.


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